If you have a set of plans you would like to walk through,… Great we can help!

We can guide you through your plans enabling you to visualize the spaces and functionality of your home, making any required changers to the plan in real time allowing you see the changers as you make them.

Contact us below for a free quote.

Single sessions include:


  • One hour viewing of floor plan on a 1:1 scale
  • Interactive touch screen to adjust your plan on the spot and as desired
  • Moveable furniture, cabinetry and fitting to bring your design to life
  • Moveable walls to check size and function
  • Expert advice on site for building and interior design
  • PDF and hardcopy of your floor plan including any adjustments
  • Access to onsite industry experts including builders and interior designers
  • $1100 excluding GST

Developers and real estate agents can book Walk Thru Floor Plans for half day or whole day showings, please call Walk Thru Floor Plans to discuss pricing and arrangements.

M: 0438 370 986