The first steps to your new home


Consultation and concept plans

We can arrange a consultation and concept plans for you.


Walk Thru Your Home

Walk through your floor plan in real life scale to experience the layout and change it to your liking.



We consult with a number of architects, draftsman and builders to get estimates on the next stage of the process. Owning your own plans enables us to gather multiple quotes.

If you already have plans that's great we can view them too.

Our state of the art technology allows you to walk through a life size floor plan of your new home before the build even starts and most importantly change it in real time! Get started on your new home build with 100% confidence and eliminate any doubt that your floor plan isn’t right!

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Over 14+ Years Of Experience‚Äč

We started Walk Thru Floor Plans with two goals in mind to cut the time and cost involved in changing a build and ensuring we were happy with the end product.

Perfect Accuracy

Walk thru your new home to perfect scale so you can see everything perfectly!

Reverse Engineered

We have taken a step back and committed our time to perfecting floor plans!

Locally Owned

Home grown and locally owned all in Australia by trustworthy builders!


Building a home is a big investment, spending a little time and money to get it right from the start will save you on costly building variation later.


We guarantee if there is anything worth changing on your plan you will find it here before it becomes a larger issue in the future.

How Much Do You Want To
Save On Your New Home

There’s no other service like this in Queensland. This system is the only way to get an exact same scale floor plan of your home before it’s built. Viewing your plan at our studio eliminates any dislikes that you may find once the walls are erected, changing things then becomes very costly!